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About Us...

Simply Homemade Dinners has been helping busy families put easy, delicious meals on the table since 2004. Starting as a mobile service, we held sessions at local community centers. From 2005 to 2008, our store front location offered sessions, fresh & freezer meals, event catering, and culinary classes.

Now we offer more personalized services - most in the convenience of your home. Scheduling a session is more flexible and you have the convenience of preparing the meals in your own kitchen. We also offer Culinary Classes that can be tailored to your desires as well as Personal Chef catering for special occasions.

Questions About Our Services...

Q: What is Once-a-month meal prep?
A: Once-a-month meal prep is a method of producing multiple meals in about 2 hours that are then packaged and frozen for future cooking. Normally, enough meals are prepared to last 1 month. This makes cooking and clean-up minimal for the remainder of the month, giving you more time with your family, and to pursue personal interests. Our service includes the planning, shopping, organizing, and a majority of the prep work necessary to complete the session in the allotted time. All you do is provide the assembly place, gather the group, and have fun! (return to top)

Q: How does it save me money?
A: Since we will be making multiple meals at the same time, buying in bulk is a big savings when doing Once-a-month meal prep. In addition, since we do all the shopping, you'll save on gas since you will not need as many trips to the grocery store. Finally, you will save the precious commodity of time since we've done a majority of the upfront work and ready-to-cook meals in the freezer saves time and headaches at dinner time. Adding up all the savings, most meals average out to about $3.50 per serving.(return to top)

Q: How do I start the process?
A: First, find a group (friends, relatives, etc.) that would like to get together to assemble meals for future cooking. At least 2 people are needed with a max of about 6-8 people (depends on the size of the space). Next, select a date & time (pick a couple alternative date/times, also) and call (303.596.5644) to make your reservatio. Each person will then decide how many of each item they'd like to make, what sizes (SML serves 2-3, REG serves 4-6), and then send their order by email (info@simplyhomemadedinners.com) or call it in. That's it! You're set for your session!(return to top)

Q: How do I prepare for a session in my home?
A: Before everyone arrives for your session, it's a good idea to get your kitchen ready. Make sure that your sink is clear of dishes and your counters are clean & ready for assembly line meal prepping. We will also bring along a folding table to increase available space. Finally, we may need to melt some butter or brown some pork chops so make sure your microwave & stove-top are ready for use.(return to top)

Q: What are some of the benefits?
A: As the session host, you will receive a $20 discount (equivalent to about a REGULAR size meal) and will also get up to 5 knives sharpened at your session.(return to top)

Q: Can we make it a Girl's Night Out party?
A: Absolutely! Most people like to make it a monthly party with the benefit of taking meals home at the end of the evening. You can create the atmosphere and party fare as you would like - have a potluck or arrange a wine & cheese tasting.(return to top)

Q: What types of classes do you offer?
A: Here are some examples of classes we offer: Basic Knife Skills, Pasta Making, Girl's Night Out Spa & Appetizers, Japanese Cooking, Mother Sauces & Variations, Sweet & Savory Crepes, and Cooking Healthy Meals on a Budget. During each class, we will prepare a meal that we can enjoy at the end of class and everyone has plenty of leftovers to take home.(return to top)

Q: Do you offer classes for kids?
A: YES! Kids get a kick out of making kitchen creations at our classes. Some of our favorite classes revolve around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Easter. (return to top)

Q: How often do you offer classes?
A: New classes are offered every quarter so check the website often for the latest listing. Most classes are schedule to be offered in your kitchen but we sometimes offer classes in OUR home kitchen.(return to top)

Q: Can you create a custom class for my needs?
A: If you don't see a class on our listing that meets your needs, don't dispair! We can always organize a class using your criteria. Just give us a call and we can discuss the details.(return to top)

Q: What is Personal Chef catering?
A: A Personal Chef provides meal services customized to your desires. We arrive with all the ingredients, cooking utensils, and any other special items needed for the event. All cooking is done in your kitchen and when we are done, we leave your kitchen clean & tidy. Consider Personal Chef catering for special occasion events such as anniversaries, birthdays, holiday dinners, and graduations. Personal Chef catering is also great for parties and BBQ's when you want to spend more time at the party and less time in the kitchen.(return to top)

Q: Can you prepare my session selections as a Personal Chef?
A: Yes, we can prepare your selections for you in your kitchen. You can select a minimum of 4 meal items and a maximum of 8 meal items. In addition to the item fee, we will charge a service charge of $30/meal for assembly. One of the meals can also be fully prepared (at no extra charge) to enjoy for dinner the same day of the meal prep.(return to top)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Since all events are designed specifically to your specifications, fees vary dramatically. Please give us a call and we can prepare a quote for your event.(return to top)

Q: What is the preferred method of payment?
A: Preferred payment method is check or cash paid at the session. Please bring exact change if paying with cash. PayPal is also available as a payment method. (return to top)

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Credit card payments can be made prior to the session date using PayPal. You will get an email at least one day before the session with a link to PayPal if you would like to use this method. A PayPal account is not necessary.(return to top)

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